Can Tab Frames

The decoration in the middle is separate. Decoration cost an additional $50 USD.


Each of the frames is made with can tabs.  Every frame requires at least 300 pieces to complete.  Prices are as follows:


Quantity Available

Size (inches)


Middle Frame


32.5 x 27

$80 USD

Large Frame


46 x 33

$100 USD

Small Frame


17 x 15

$25 USD

Fan Decoration/Art


$50 USD

These frames, and anything else featured in the art for sale section, are only available in the Houston, TX area due to their size.  Please email us, if you wish to purchase any of these frames, or any other art you see.  

 By the way, we are willing to bargain on the prices.  If are going to buy several frames, we can make a deal on the price.