Links - Miscellaneous

A site made for lovers of embroidery with flare. Patterns include pirates ahoy!, sushi bar, and much more.

Gohgirl's collection includes modern tees and paper goods, such as greeting cards.  Go here if you care to meet some futuristic secret agents. 

Lazar Bridal Consulting
Tara with the help of the team has been producing "one-of-a-kind events" since 1999.

If you love handmade yarn, then this is the store for you. The yarn is unique and just simply beautiful.  The yarns and handbags here are of high quality and rarity.

Betsy Ross Sewing Patterns

Yellow Toothpick

Voda Soap
The soap is so beautiful, and naturally moisturizing. The soap is carefully crafted, and the result is pretty spectacular.

Bird in a Skirt
Bird in a Skirt's specialty is paper goods, particularly flat cards, folded note cards, and custom stationary.  Simply thoughtful and beautiful.